Mar 29, 2010

Tea and Chocolates Galore!

My next door neighbor gave my family and I a little gift for the spring season.

Guess what was inside?


And not just green tea...

tea with fruit flavors like pomegrante,

blackberry and rasberry.
It also had TAZO teas: earl grey andn sweet orange!

This is a heck of alot of tea. I've never felt so happy over tea in my life. I also love the little decorations on the box. It's so cute!

Last but not least, this is one of my favorite chocolates.

When I came back home to Cali on Friday night, I found these on the table. My parents let me finish them on Saturday night. I love the little inspirational quotes inside the wrapper. One of them said "look for love in the most unexpected places". Didn't reallly care much for that one. However, I found one that said something like live everyday to the fullest. That one sounded more relevant.

This was alittle random post I wanted to share, especially if there are any tea lovers out there!



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