May 15, 2010

News: Drawgasmic Art Exhibition 2010!

Drawgasmic Art Exhibition - The Art, Illustration, and Design Compendium

Okay, here's the great news I wanted to share with you! Earlier this week, the people from the Drawgasmic Art Exhibition wanted me to apply to be in their exhibition this summer. Well, today I filled out the application and I've just been selected to participate in the Drawgasmic Art Exhibition! I'm so excited!

For those whose never heard of it, Drawgasmic is an international art exhibition that displays art from today's independent artists. They will display the artwork in a gallery and sell it. They will also put the selected artists' work in a coffee-table book which will be up for purchase. Its going to be at the Art Dimensions Gallery in St.Louis, MO on July 10. 

It's be my first time to be selected to be in a real exhibition in a real gallery. I'm so honored that people like my work and so early. Now, all I gotta do is get my work in. Ha! 

I'll keep you guys updated as the date approaches.

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