Jun 25, 2010


I did a little self-portrait photo shoot yesterday. I did two sets. The first photo above is from the first set. I've recently started using Lightroom 3! Its so much fun and I'm in love with it. After much experimentation, this is what I got. However, I'm far from done. I have a lot more to go. I just wanted to share this photo with you!

I'm striving to make my photographs look more professional. Starting to take my own time to start coming up with new concepts and honing my style. I see all these other photographers like Lara Jade, Zemotion and plenty of others and I feel so inspired to do better and start putting more time into my photos. Also changing a few things here and there such as my editing. Hence why I started to use Lightroom 3. Its time for me to start branching out and try something new. 

The second photo was done in Lightroom 3. No basics. Just added a preset and a vignette.

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