Jun 11, 2010

Want I need is a friend

I usually like to make posts with photos but I'm gonna try to be a little be more personal with you guys. So here's an entry, sans photos, of my life.
Today, one of my BFF's, Sarah, is gonna come over and spend the night. So much has happened since I've last seen her, even though its only been a week or two. Its good for me to have a friend to hang with. Its healthy. Its necessary. Its fun too! :D
On Tuesday, I woke up with my right wrist tingling. I told you this! That is an obvious sign to must slow down on using my laptop. After a few days of wearing a wrist  splinter, Its beginning to feel better. However, I may still need to see a doc to check on it. You can't blame me. I'm always on my laptop to edit pics. The more I do, the better I get. It is summer vacation and I get bored very easily.
Anyway, I hope Sarah and I will have time to have a photoshoot. If we do, I'll post pics!

Much love,

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