Aug 28, 2011

August// Near Summer's End
A self portrait taken a few weeks ago.

Summer is ending. Another fall semester of university begins. I'm supposed to start. Hopefully I will soon.
 I have two rolls of film that need to be developed. Since I got my film camera, I'm finding myself reluctant to use my digital camera. Just one of the reasons why I hadn't post in a while.


  1. I was exactly the same way when I started using film. Now the only reason I'm using my digital camera at all is because one of my classes requires it :/

    Anyway, LOVELY photo! I love all of your photos. :)


  2. that's usually what happens when you start using film...!

  3. stunning photo <3
    and happens to me as well, i got addicted to film after i actually had my very own first digital cam.


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