Mar 8, 2010

"Too Shy To Scream" by AFI

I come quietly. Silent entities

Can lack a certain weight when unseen.

Do they speak of me?

My voice left with the breeze that

whispered "You should flee or you shall be seen?"

I'd die, if you only met my eyes

Before you pass by

Will you pause to break my heart?

I am everywhere, everywhere but here

For here is where you grace the nameless

Were I not so weak, could even speak

I'd warn that you should leave before

You're seen with me.

They don't hear me.

Do I bore them when I tell them

I adore them?


I've decided to reedit an old photo. Here is the finished product.

Title: Reading Is Imaginary
Over the weekend I found out who Tim Walker is. He once did a photo shoot with Tim Burton. I remember reading about it in a magazine and online. Walker's work is amazing. Its pure fantasy, fun, uplifting, and magical. His photos remind me of Sophia Coppola's film Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst with all the pastel colors. I can't believe I'm just discovering him now. I don't get Vogue Magazine, though.

Check out his

Right now, I'm working on some new photos. Taken with my new Nikon baby. I love him so dearly, despite his lack of manual ISO reduction. :)

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